Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Near and dear to my heart

Even if it is kind of short notice, but I did only just find out about it a few minutes ago. ;-)
PoMo Golightly had the genius idea of Craft Friday as a counter point to Black Friday's mass, chaotic, consumerism.  I am so in! Knitting socks, mitts and toys plus a little sewing and baking, instead of dealing with hordes of humans possessed by gross materialism?  Hells yes I will stay home!  If I get daring and the weather is amenable, I may take a chair and my tea and sit on the front porch to knit! :-D  I am such a rebel. ;-)

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Ummm, honey?? said...

That sounds like a lovely way to recover from all the delectable food consumed the previous day. I HATE leaving the house on Black Friday.