Sunday, April 12, 2015

A bit of a walkabout

There have been tromps through the Big Trees
Family get togethers...with too many pictures to choose from quite yet.
There was a stop at Purlescence, I hadn't been in the better part of a decade. I may have bought a little yarn.
I got some Lambie Toes for a start. I was so excited to actually get my hands on some!!
I also splurged on some Shalimar Breathless.
I also picked up a little felted raven kit to commemorate the trip.  There have been so many ravens cawing the entire time, it seemed appropriate.
There will be more pictures forthcoming, I just haven't managed to sort through them all yet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Poor Neglected Knitting!

I've been sewing lately. A lot really.  I did not knit at all yesterday.  Not a single stitch.

There were two shirts and a skirt for Faire.  I don't have pictures of the shirts. They were made rather hurriedly.  One was black, for my outfit. The other was a cream to match a skirt made for a friend who was going to be making her first visit to a proper faire.
I finished all six of the pencil skirts in progress. Only four are shown here, the other two are already living in Darling Daughter's closet.
I finally finished the first of my Ms. Frizzle skirts.
And there is also the first pair of pants I've ever made for myself...and they fit fairly well. I just need to install the zipper.

That means, including the apron and shopping bag finished earlier, I will have completed thirteen sewing projects this year already! I've got four more projects, all dresses of some flavor, calling me.  They will have to wait though, April will be too busy for any concentrated sewing time.
Darn. I will just have to knit instead!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Much Beloved Author Has Passed

Sir Terry Pratchett was one of my all time favorite authors.  I've spent more time in Discworld than most other fantasy universes.  I introduced my husband to Discworld, he was promptly hooked.  Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels were read aloud to my children as bedtime stories.  His novels are still read regularly by the entire household.

Thank  you Sir Terry! You will be missed!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Progress! Sort of.

The bag I threw together with leftover scrap fabric?  Finished.
It will go with to the farmer's market tomorrow morning.  It's a rather large bag, fully lined, so should hold up well as a shopper.
Second Date Night top, this one in emerald greens? Finished, but unblocked (like it's blue sibling).
In my enthusiasm of getting another project off the needles...I may have cast on another.
That is the first three inches of the Teakwood Bulky Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  In my defense, I had been commenting quite recently that I should make something to replace the disintegrating sweatshirt that is my current standard. There was also the perfect amount of yarn in the correct gauge in the yarn stash(Cascade Eco+ in Lichen), needles free in the correct size(13US/9mm according to my swatch) and a coupon code(wahoo!) for the pattern.  How was I not supposed to cast it on?  Admittedly, I am a bit disconcerted by being the only (at the time of this post) project page for said sweater on the whole of Ravelry.  It feels, conspicuous. Why are more people not working on this wonderful and addicting knit item?  They should be!

I was finally getting to the putting in of zippers on the half dozen skirts I've been working on...only to find that courtesy of my attention to diet and exercise since the beginning of the year, said skirts now must be altered because they are a bit too big.  While the alterations are required for a positive reason, it's rather disheartening on the sewing front.  All I can see is yet more sewing....without a finished product!  It's a wee bit frustrating.  Maybe I'll knit a bit more on the cardigan to make myself feel better?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I made lotion today...

It was the first time I had made lotion in ages.  I kept buying different types, figuring something would work the way I wanted.  I've not had much luck with most of the commercial stuff.

I forgot the proportions, (Note to self: Look it up next time! You have an amazing recipe!) so it's a good thing I used a large bowl.
It made a bit more than I expected.
Happily, my kids were in need of lotion as well and like what I make! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Proof of Progress

My Friday the 13th went surprisingly badly this year, not the least of which was my sewing machine deciding it was going to stop working properly! With my sewing machine in need of repair, a stack of sewing projects unfinished and a looming deadline; I gave in and purchased a basic model as a temporary fix.  It is the only reason I have any sewing progress to show at all.
Those are three of the six pencil skirts (it was going to be four, but there was extra fabric) that were waiting to be made.
I turned the heel of my first Mirkwood sock.  I plan on finishing the gusset on the first, turning the heel on the second and then barreling through the foot portion of both.
The pattern calls for an Eye of Partridge heel which was outstandingly fun to knit!  Part of the reason I have routinely avoided cuff down socks was the tediousness of knitting the heel flap.  This sock has convinced me that maybe they aren't so bad. ;-)
I am on the final embroidery motif for my craft bag. Sadly, I have to keep spacing it out as I unconsciously hunch up over the work which causes great pain.  I love the result though!

More knitting and embroidery are on the docket for this evening...maybe I will eventually finish something.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

There are so many tops I need to knit....

Which might explain why I am currently obsessed with socks.

These socks are the ones in active progress:
Two are cuff down, unusual for me. The Capitola sock which hasn't gotten a lot of love in it's startling yellow-green shade of cashmere laced goodness.  The Mirkwood socks are for a knit along I found by sheer accident (with outstanding timing), when looking for a project for an old skein of hand dyed Valley Yarns Franklin in the Mountain Spring colorway.  The third sock is a toe up child's tube sock in Rose City, KnitPicks Hawthorne line (which I may be totally besotted with).
 I may have at least four more pairs of socks in potentia, three of which are from the Hawthorne line.
The other colors from the Hawthorne line are: Sunnyside, Happy Valley, and Alberta Arts. The yarn front and center is Plum Black, Crock-o-dye, from Knit One, Crochet too.  The Plum Black I bought at my local yarn shop with the pattern for the socks already forming in my head.
 At some point, I may get to knit them up, along with a few other pattern ideas for socks that have started bouncing around in my brain.
I suppose I should go back to knitting on those tops I mentioned, at least for a little bit, then I can go back to working on my socks!