Wednesday, January 28, 2015

They were needed....

The whole household agreed. We've been eating really healthy for the better part of a month(minus the store run Boy did for ice cream)...cupcakes were needed.
Just plain vanilla cupcakes with whipped chocolate buttercream frosting ( I don't use a recipe for the frosting). From scratch, of course.

Monday, January 26, 2015


It's the time of year when I rearrange furniture, clean shelves and find out what is hiding in the boxes in the back of the closet. All the organizing tends to put a crimp in my crafting time. I think I've made a little progress though.
The Hitofude is done and blocking:
I had to fudge the pattern a wee bit as I was running out of yarn.   Luckily, I am short-ish, so didn't need the sweater to be quite as long as called for.
This weekend I cast on a 7-10 Split and am to the seaming portion of the bag:
Yes, that is a crochet hook.  Yes, I can use it...just not as well as my knitting needles.
I also slapped  few embroidery designs on a canvas shopping bag I had, because of course I needed a personalized project bag.
Most of the designs are courtesy of Urban Threads.  The adorable knitting Moomin is courtesy of Sublime Stitching.
I got an apron cut out, but ended up cleaning more than sewing.   There are two more aprons, about a half dozen skirts and at least one dress demanding attention.

Did I mention this is just part of the list of crafting things I want done by Easter?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Keeping Busy

I started the new year by rearranging my bedroom furniture. This was a great idea! Doing all the moving mostly by myself...not such a great idea. I spent the first few days of this week nursing various bruises and a sore back.  It did mean I stayed put and finished some knitting.
A large, snuggly blanket out of acrylic I bought on sale that washed up beautifully:
Yes, it's folded in half.  The pen is for scale.
I also finished the first of three Date Night tops by Nikol Lohr
I've tried it on, it fits perfectly!
I started the second one in emerald:

I finished a Dragon Leaf hat for myself, downloaded while it was temporarily free:

It's in Plymouth Encore Worsted in Meadows Heather.  Son saw my hat, tried on said hat, and then asked if I could make him one too.  He picked a lovely dark teal in the same yarn. It's barely cast on.
I'm also about three-quarters of the way through my Hitofude cardigan in Charlemont kettle-dye:
And last but not least! I cast on a sock that has been hiding in my stash, all kitted up and waiting to be knit. The Capitola socks! I have a skein of Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sport Superwash in Citrus Peel.
I am in love with the pattern and the yarn!  Which is bad in a way because it means I am not finishing shirts and things with a deadline. Happily, socks in sport weight yarn work up fast, so I shouldn't get too far behind my timetable.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I will be knitting and watching movies! (These are affectionately deemed "chick flicks" in our house.)

May your year start as pleasantly and continue with joy till next new year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Joyous Everything!

We have a tradition of baking gingerbread cookies in our house this time of year.  My sister unknowingly encouraged it the year she gave me a gargoyle cookie cutter. Now, gingerbread gargoyles are a thing we do.  We made them again this year, though they had slightly more interesting company as I left my teenagers to finish the forming of the cookies while I rotated cookie sheets.

Darling Daughter kept it clean with a lollipop and a sea turtle (though she contemplated making far more vulgar).  Darling Son decided a sword was a great idea...along with what we keep calling "a ginger poo", to continuous giggles.   Older kids are entertaining in unexpected ways!
May the laughter that found our home find yours as well!  Blessings and joy to all!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice!

Around here the solstice is the kick off to the winter feasting that lasts till January. I made eggnog cake again, not as pretty as last year, but still amazingly tasty!
I found adorable winter hedgehog ribbon while picking up last minute craft supplies:
There was also Hobbit themed beer at World Market while we were picking up stocking stuffers:

There are still more cookies to bake and truffles to make, plus a few projects that need to be finished and the boxes that I've determined will be mailed out after Christmas (as I will still want to give people presents without the deadline looming over-head).  Just need to clean my house for company and I will be all set!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I think he likes it.

The Boy's gift came in earlier than expected.  After Husband made sure all the bits were there, I gave the go ahead and Husband handed Boy the keyboard to his very own gaming computer.  I barely managed to get the photo, but am so incredibly glad I did!
Daughter and I applauded when Boy took a knee....then fell off the couch laughing.